Austin Healey

Chassis number H-BT7-L/5533; Twin carb model; 4-speed w/overdrive. Showing 41,652 miles.

The factory record shows that the build date recorded for chassis number H-BT7-L/5533 is 23rd – 24th November 1959. The car was subsequently dispatched to Hambro Distributors Inc, Compton, California. The original colour is identified in the archive as Colorado Red exterior with red interior trim and a black soft top.

The original paint that can be seen on much of the underside and wheel arches, the very solid sills and outriggers and the lack of any significant rust suggests this car did not lead a hard life while on the road. It carries a 1975 Texas license plate suggesting it has been in storage for decades.

The inner body panels and chassis rails are in very good condition, as are the floors, and doors. The outer steel body panels are very solid but do have some small dinks and dents and a poorly executed accident repair around the drivers-side headlight. There are some pinholes in the passenger toe-board, on the rear seat panel and on the very rear of the passenger-side sill where road dirt has trapped moisture but local repairs will be all that is required. A section of the boot floor will need to be replaced. A minimal amount of welding and metalwork is required to correct these local issues. There is no body filler anywhere on this car.
The inner body panels were stripped to bare metal by a previous owner,which accounts for the coating of light surface rust in the engine bay and interior but a light media blast will clean this whole area easily. I would have done this but I would need to prime the shell and as we know, primer can hide a lot from an honest inspection. A poor repair has been effected to the front shroud which will need attention. The rear shroud is in good condition. Unusually, the alloy and steel flanges between wings and shrouds are corrosion free – perhaps an indication of the life this car has had in the dry South Western United States.
It was subsequently imported to Canada.

It has a later engine which turns freely by hand. I couldn’t resist looking inside. The block face has all its original factory stamps indicating it has never been refaced and it has clean standard pistons with shiny bores. As one would expect, it will require a rebuild. It has a correct 4 speed side change gearbox with overdrive and comes with side curtains, soft-top frame and wire wheels. The radiator has been restored. The windscreen, seats and flywheel are missing.